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Scroll down for chart of all blinds sorted by name.
Not all blinds will be hyperlinked.  Still working on that...
But please contact us for more information on any blind listed.  


To view each collection, please click on the links below:
ChinaHY is the Economy collection
Horizon Collection
FUA Collection
M&B Collection
Castec Collection
Aeroshade Collection
Hunter Douglas Collection
Kirsh/Levelor Collection  

Name Collection Chart Color
Freeport Almond Prestige B Almond
Nevis Almond Prestige B Almond
Tahitian Sand Prestige C Almond
Trinidad Almond Prestige B Almond
Vincent Almond Prestige B Almond
Aruba Almond Prestige C Almond
Bombay Perla FUA C Almond
Osaka Henna M&B B Almond
Bora Bora Prestige D Black
Hideaway Prestige C Black
Lagoon Black Prestige E Black
Tahiti Nogal FUA C Black
Tahiti Rustico FUA C Black
Bangalore Black M&B D Black
Koyoto Midnight M&B A Black
Palmetto Jet M&B D Black
Rangoon Eclipse M&B A Black
Cona Lush M&B D Black
Kashmir Sable M&B D Black
Madrid Horizon D Black
Apia Black GrandDesign 2 Black
Mongolia Black GrandDesign 4 Black
Aruba Castec D72 Black
Congo Castec D72 Black
Belize Castec G72 Black
Evening Breeze Prestige E Black/white
Kingston Prestige B Black/white
Lido Natural Prestige C Black/white
Java Sea M&B B Black/white
Matchstick Fawn Horizon A Black/White
Seabreeze GrandDesign 2 Black/white
Jaipur Castec H96 Black/white
Amazon Castec F96 Black/white
Dusk Breeze Prestige E Brown
Dusk Reeds Prestige B Brown
Exotica Prestige E Brown
Golden Reef Prestige E Brown
St. Thomas Prestige A Brown
Tropical Pecan Prestige A Brown
Nanjing Yellow Thailand B Brown
Thoko SouthAfrica C Brown
Rollup Deluxe Hyman Brown
Vinyl Rollup 3/8" Oval Hyman Brown
Vinyl 1" Slats Fruitwood Hyman Brown
Vinyl Yoshi Reed Natural Hyman Brown
Vinyl Oversized 3/8" Oval Hyman Brown
Reed Oversized Hyman Brown
Coba FUA A Brown
Merida I - discontinued FUA C Brown
Merida II - discontinued FUA C Brown
Bengal Wild M&B D Brown
Rangoon Dusk M&B A Brown
Toco Tawny M&B A Brown
Cona Tone M&B D Brown
Kasmir Fawn M&B D Brown
Vava Terra M&B D Brown
Circlind Horizon D Brown
Matchstick L.Walnut Horizon A Brown
Palm Beach Autumn Horizon B Brown
Seabreeze Autumn Horizon C Brown
Shannon Autumn - discontinued Horizon C Brown
Brunei Jute GrandDesign 4 Brown
Sri Lanka Dusk GrandDesign 5 Brown
Tonga GrandDesign 1 Brown
Willow Herb GrandDesign 4 Brown
Zig Zag Maple GrandDesign 1 Brown
Nicely Natural - Reed Eli A Brown
Lima Castec H Brown
Senegal Castec H Brown
Bangkok Castec B96 Brown
Cayenne Castec D72 Brown
Taipei Castec B Brown
Burma Ivory Castec B Brown
Antigua Sand Castec A Brown
Montego Moss Castec A Brown
Kora Driftwood Castec B Brown
Oriel Bone C Castec B Brown
Oriel Negev C Castec B Brown
Bleached Maui Prestige D Gray
Lagoon Stone Prestige E Gray
Shimmer Prestige E Gray
Tahitian Shell Prestige C Gray
Natural Reed Horizon B Gray
Mongolia Hill GrandDesign 4 Gray
Vinyl Matchstick Green Tea Hyman Green
2" Hunter Green 2"USA A Green
Tunisia Castec H Green
Sumatra Castec H Green
BullRush SouthAfrica B Light Green
2" Mahogony 2"USA A Mahogony
Aerolux Aeroshade A Many
Style Lite Aeroshade B Many
Rayn Tite Aeroshade C Many
Deluxe Aeroshade E Many
Temlite Aeroshade D Many
Ashwood Maple GrandDesign 2 Maple
O'Tahiti Maple GrandDesign 1 Maple
Shanghai No 11 FUA C Mixed
Jambi Wild M&B C Mixed
Sri Lanka Dance GrandDesign 5 Mixed
Antilles Prestige B Natural
Antilles Almond Prestige C Natural
Antilles Pecan Prestige C Natural
Antilles White Prestige C Natural
Freeport Natural Prestige A Natural
Islander Natural Prestige D Natural
Lagoon Natural Prestige D Natural
Maui Natural Prestige C Natural
Nassau Natural Prestige C Natural
Nevis Prestige A Natural
Rattan Golden Prestige E Natural
St. Croix Prestige C Natural
St. Martin Prestige A Natural
Tempest Natural Prestige C Natural
Tobago Prestige A Natural
Trinidad natural Prestige A Natural
Vincent Natural Prestige A Natural
Windswept Prestige E Natural
Aruba Natural Prestige B Natural
Saigon Wild Thailand A Natural
Singapore Blade Thailand A Natural
Danang Coral Thailand B Natural
Songkhla Yarn Thailand B Natural
Napier SouthAfrica A Natural
Rollup Deluxe Hyman Natural
Rollup Hyman Natural
Vinyl Yoshi Reed Burnt Hyman Natural
Bombay Natural FUA B Natural
Celian Avellana FUA C Natural
Celian Natural FUA B Natural
Chalma FUA D Natural
Curazao Rustico FUA B Natural
Formosa FUA B Natural
Fortin FUA D Natural
Guanajuato Natural FUA B Natural
Guanajuato Natural II Beige FUA B Natural
Itzamal FUA A Natural
Japon Beige FUA C Natural
Japon Natural FUA B Natural
Japon Rattan FUA C Natural
Japon Rattan Beige FUA C Natural
Manila FUA B Natural
Sayil FUA A Natural
Siam FUA B Natural
Tulum FUA A Natural
Uxmal FUA A Natural
Valencia 7 - discontinued FUA B Natural
Valencia II - discontinued FUA B Natural
Yute FUA A Natural
Zapopan Beige FUA D Natural
Zapopan Natural FUA D Natural
Benglaore Beach M&B D Natural
Mandalay Beach M&B C Natural
Osaka Fawn M&B B Natural
Sibu Step Ecru M&B A Natural
Jambi Beach M&B C Natural
Vava Virid M&B D Natural
Abilene Horizon D Natural
Cameo Natural Horizon B Natural
Capri Natural Horizon B Natural
Catalina Horizon B Natural
Holland Mesh Natural Horizon D Natural
Lorraine Horizon B Natural
Matchstick Natural Horizon A Natural
Ribcord Natural Horizon C Natural
Rusticweave Horizon D Natural
Savannah Horizon C Natural
Seabreeze Natural Horizon C Natural
Sorrento Horizon C Natural
Sunweave - discontinued Horizon C Natural
Ashi Natural GrandDesign 2 Natural
Ashwood Natural GrandDesign 2 Natural
Bamboo Stick GrandDesign 1 Natural
Misty Natural GrandDesign 3 Natural
Mongolia Natural GrandDesign 4 Natural
Morocco Natural GrandDesign 2 Natural
Rattan Grass GrandDesign 3 Natural
Rattan Jute GrandDesign 4 Natural
Rattan Natural GrandDesign 3 Natural
Shinzen Bamboo GrandDesign 1 Natural
Yokon Natural GrandDesign 2 Natural
Zig Zag Natural GrandDesign 1 Natural
Bone - Oriel Eli A Natural
Prairie Cotton - Matchstick Eli A Natural
Bermuda sand - Reed Eli A Natural
2" Natural 2"USA A Natural
2" Natural Oak 2"USA A Natural
Borneo Castec H Natural
Suva Castec H Natural
Fiji Castec F96 Natural
Bali Castec F96 Natural
Jakarta Castec G72 Natural
Komodo Castec G72 Natural
Manabi Castec D72 Natural
Samoa Castec D72 Natural
Largo Castec A Natural
Antigua Natural Castec A Natural
Antigua Cane Castec A Natural
Kora Palm Castec B Natural
Kora Sandlewood Castec B Natural
Freeport Oak Prestige B Oak
Islander Oak Prestige D Oak
Tempest Oak Prestige C Oak
Vincent Oak Prestige B Oak
Flute SouthAfrica D Oak
Vinyl Matchstick Ceylon Hyman Oak
Bombay Nogal FUA C Oak
Celian Nogal FUA B Oak
Curazao Nogal FUA B Oak
Formosa Nogal FUA B Oak
Guanajuato Nogal FUA B Oak
Guanajuato Nogal II Café FUA B Oak
Japon Nogal FUA B Oak
Japon Nogal Beige FUA C Oak
Mitla FUA C Oak
Mitla II FUA C Oak
Ozumba Nogal FUA D Oak
Singapur - discontinued FUA B Oak
Koyoto Bronze M&B A Oak
Mandalay Palm M&B C Oak
Shangai Rave M&B C Oak
Sibu Step Russet M&B A Oak
Holland Mesh Autumn Horizon D Oak
Morocco Oak GrandDesign 2 Oak
O'Tahiti Oak GrandDesign 1 Oak
Rattan Oak GrandDesign 3 Oak
Café Au Lait - Oriel Eli A Oak
Tuscan Tan - Matchstick Eli A Oak
Wet sand - Reed Eli A Oak
Raffia - Reed Eli A Oak
2" Oak 2"USA A Oak
Pago Castec F96 Oak
Freeport Pecan Prestige B Pecan
Nevis Pecan Prestige B Pecan
Tahitian Pecan Prestige C Pecan
Tempest Gold Prestige C Pecan
Trinidad Pecan Prestige B Pecan
Vincent Pecan Prestige B Pecan
Aruba Pecan Prestige C Pecan
Celian Durazno FUA C Pecan
Cameo Pecan Horizon B Pecan
Capri Pecan Horizon B Pecan
Holland Mesh Pecan Horizon D Pecan
Loomweave Pecan Horizon B Pecan
Matchstick Pecan Horizon A Pecan
Ribcord Pecan Horizon C Pecan
Misty Camel GrandDesign 3 Pecan
Morocco Gold GrandDesign 2 Pecan
Negev - Oriel Eli A Pecan
Summer Tan - Matchstick Eli A Pecan
Red Bhutan Thailand B Red
Antigua Prestige A Tortoise
Bermuda Prestige A Tortoise
Jamaica Prestige A Tortoise
Natural Palm Prestige B Tortoise
Macau Roman Natural Burnt Hyman Tortoise
Roman Deluxe Hyman Tortoise
Canton Natural Hyman Tortoise
Canton Fruitwood Hyman Tortoise
Laguna Rollup Hyman Tortoise
Tahiti 12 FUA B Tortoise
Tahiti 6 FUA B Tortoise
Tahiti 6 Beige FUA C Tortoise
Tepic 12 FUA D Tortoise
Tepic 6 FUA D Tortoise
Bamboo Harvest M&B A Tortoise
Mandake Terra M&B A Tortoise
Jolo Coco M&B A Tortoise
Jolo Harvest M&B A Tortoise
Jambi Jade M&B C Tortoise
Calypso Horizon B Tortoise
Lacquered Imperial Shell Horizon C Tortoise
Lacquered Tortoise Horizon C Tortoise
Lacquered Tortoise Deluxe Horizon C Tortoise
Lacquered Tortoise Petite Horizon C Tortoise
Matchstick Autumn Horizon A Tortoise
Tortoise Horizon B Tortoise
Tortoise Deluxe Horizon B Tortoise
Rustic Bamboo GrandDesign 1 Tortoise
Rustic Madake GrandDesign 1 Tortoise
Small Bamboo GrandDesign 1 Tortoise
Freeport Walnut Prestige B Walnut
Rattan Cherry Prestige E Walnut
Vincent Walnut Prestige B Walnut
Vinyl Matchstick Chamomile Hyman Walnut
Palm Beach Earth- discontinued Horizon B Walnut
Ribcord Light walnut Horizon C Walnut
Mocha - Oriel Eli A Walnut
Brass Patina - Matchstick Eli A Walnut
Burma Melba Castec B Walnut
Burma Saffron Castec B Walnut
Oriel Mocha C Castec B Walnut
Oriel Café Au Lait C Castec B Walnut
Dawn Breeze Prestige E White
Freeport White Prestige B White
Nassau White Prestige D White
Nevis White Prestige B White
Rattan White Prestige E White
Trinidad White Prestige B White
Vincent White Prestige B White
Aruba White Prestige C White
Vinyl Rollup 3/8" Oval Hyman White
Vinyl 1" Slats White Hyman White
Celian Blanco FUA C White
Japon Blanco FUA C White
Shanghai  No 18 FUA C White
Koyoto Pearl M&B A White
Osaka Frost M&B B White
Cameo Soft White Horizon C White
Cameo White Horizon C White
Capri Linen Horizon C White
Capri Soft White Horizon C White
Capri White Horizon C White
Holland Mesh White Horizon D White
Loomweave White Horizon B White
Loomweave Wicker-discontinued Horizon B White
Matchstick Linen Horizon B White
Matchstick White Horizon B White
Palm Beach Birch Horizon B White
Shannon Bone Horizon C White
Ashi White GrandDesign 2 White
Ashwood Alpine GrandDesign 2 White
Ashwood White GrandDesign 2 White
Macrame GrandDesign 4 White
Misty White GrandDesign 3 White
O'Tahiti White Wash GrandDesign 1 White
Sri Lanka Dawn GrandDesign 5 White
Yokon White GrandDesign 2 White
Zig Zag White GrandDesign 1 White
White - Oriel Eli A White
Sun Bleach White - Matchstick Eli A White
Dover Chalk - Reed Eli A White
2" White 2"USA A White
Zaire Castec H White
Burma Cameo Castec B White
Burma Cashew Castec B White
Antigua Desert Castec A White
Montego Bone Castec A White
Montego Haze Castec A White
Montego Balsa Castec A White
Kora Pampas Castec B White
Oriel White C Castec C White
Abaco Prestige A
Bamboo Chute Prestige A
Caledonia Knoll Prestige C
Caledonia Tea Prestige C
Caledonia Umber Prestige C
Caribbean Natural Prestige C
Caribbean White Prestige C
Cook Island Prestige B
Fiji Ebony Prestige C
Fiji Knoll Prestige C
Fiji Umber Prestige C
Hana Beige Prestige B
Hana Camel Prestige B
Hana Ebony Prestige B
Hilo Prestige D
Kiri Prestige D
Komoto Prestige A
Lanai Beige Prestige D
Lanai Umber Prestige D
Mendocino Prestige A
Montego Prestige A
Monterey Prestige A
Negril Natural Prestige C
Negril White Prestige C
New Guinea Amber Prestige B
New Guinea Camel Prestige B
Oak Bluff Prestige A
Samoa Knoll Prestige B
Samoa Umber Prestige B
Solomon Prestige D
Tahiti Prestige A
Tortoise Bay Prestige A
Tuvalu Ebony Prestige D
Tuvalu Umber Prestige D
Taxco FUA C
Chestnut GrandDesign 1


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