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Yup! I am invisible! Yup! I am really invisible! Below are comments and pictures our customers have sent us. We really appreciate the feedback and thank all our customers for sending in their installation pictures and comments.

We are trying to add all our feedback as quickly as possible, so therefore this site is always under construction. Thanks!

We recently found some correspondance on some bulletin boards about The Callaloo Company. We appreciate happy customers, Thank You......


Fran H, Overland park, KS

"The blind installed very easily; the ceiling above it is solid 2-1/2" thick wood roof deck, so I just screwed directly into it."

Roman style, White edging with liner, Songkhla Yarn

               Before                                        After

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B Gifford, New York

"They arrived perfectly, and look perfect! Thank you very much for brightening up a bedroom. Our only complaint is that they make our curtains look cheap, so this weekend it's off to the fabric store to upgrade them."

J Belsher, California

"WOW!, was all my wife said. We love it!!. Installation was simple and our 14 blinds came with excellent packaging". We appreciated the constant updates, your customer service was superb. We are going to recommend your company to our architects association here."

T Torri, Osaka Japan

"Superb blinds, I am impressed. Your blinds match the quality of our Japanese kongo blinds and at a fraction of its price. You should consider retailing your products more aggressively in Japan, I can sent you some contacts if you are interested."

V.Arnold, Texas

The blinds were very easy to install and I had them up before Christmas. They look wonderful - and i like having the black tape on the valance and bottom edge only - not on the sides.
I love the look of the blinds, and the quality. I am very happy with them, Thanks for the follow-up!

S. Ali Walid, Saudi Arabia

Thank you very much for the follow-up, it is rare to see such excellent customer service thru mail order. The blinds are very good and was very easy to install. We had reservations on purchasing from mail order from an overseas location, but we our reservations was unnecessary. Thank you for an excellent service.

A. Scott, Sheffield, U.K

I am the envy of my street! Your blinds are gorgeous! The installation was simple, I just followed the pictures on your installation page. I am referring couple of my neighbors to you, they would like to purchase blinds as well. Thank Gillian for me for all her attention. Cheers




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