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We retail: Rattan Bamboo blinds, curtains, blinds window decorations, window dressing's...remarkably similar aren't they...!!!     wpe58.jpg (1819 bytes)       wpe92.jpg (1813 bytes)       wpe6F.jpg (2361 bytes)

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Yup! I am invisible! Yup! I am really invisible! If you follow these instruction below, the whole process will the flawless and painless.


(1) Inside or Outside mount??

You have to decide between an inside or outside mount. HOW?

(2)  Tools you will require

  • Steel Measuring tape
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Our Room Log


(3) Measuring

  • (a) Start with Rm 1, Name the room in the Room log.
  • (b) Label the windows on the Room log. (We recommend numbering from 1 in a clockwise direction from the main entrance to the room. We will use this same designation when the curtains are manufactured.)


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Some Notes

(a) Remember loss in blind height due to stacking. (see detailed explanation of stacking). For information in installation of blinds for Patio Doors and doorways.

(b) Extra precaution must be taken when window has molding covering all four sides. Please measure and note the thickness of the molding from the wall face. A spacer bar will be provided to provide a base that will be flush with the top window molding. (see detailed explanation in Nopain Advice)

(c) Extra caution when your window has window cranks. Two options: shorten the blind to fit on the top of the crank. Your local harware store will have a low profile knob that might be more applicable.

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