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     Natural Color, Roman
              (Economy Blinds)  






This blind is a 1/2" tortoise color slat, 1/8" natural color matchstick with cream colored thread.
Blind looks excellent in its natural state and superb when varnished.

This blind can be compared to:
  Prestige - Bermuda
  Smith and Noble -
Mandake 136
 FUA - Tahiti 12

We will custom cut any of the prefabricated blinds to your exact window size.
All these blinds come with a 2 year limited lifetime warranty.

What's really interesting...........
These blinds are very very low priced.
(and therefore relatively disposable). The blinds if treated properly can be used outdoors (porches, verandah's etc...). The blinds will last 5-10 years if the treatment is maintained. We will send you detailed instructions on how to waterproof your blinds for outside installation.



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Bamboo 5 star rating
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Category Low          High
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Front View




Close Up



Note: The dime for relative size









High resolution Photos (1024by768, Photo quality) for color selection. 

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Macau Roman
Natural Color

Manufactured China/Taiwan
Fabrication USA
Construction Machine Made
Max Width 72 inches
Max Height 72 inches
Cost - $/ft2 $2.04
Pull Cords  Right
Inside/Outside Mount  Both
Window depth Req 1.0"-1.5" (inside mount)
Roman, Rollup, Top Down
Rollease, Vertical
Liner None
Edging None
Header Style

6" Valance

Valance Same Material as blind
Delivery Schedule  3-4 weeks from order
Samples Available
Inside Warranty 2 year warranty
Hardware Included
Cord Cleats Free! Included
Returns for outside mount None



Bamboo Roman Macau - Natural color

Code Width (in) Height (in) Price
MRN23 23 72 $25.17
MRN36 36 72 $39.17
MRN48 48 72 $48.97
MRN72 72 72 $69.97

Cutdown Charges per blind
Shortening  (up to 10") :            $15.00
Shortening (greater than 10") :   $25.00
Weatherproofing Treatment:       $20.00
Clarification: Shortening single price applies to either width, length or both!




  • We can cut down any of the prefabricated blind above to your specific window requirement. Please choose the closest size to your window size. (Remember!, the prefabricated blind you are choosing for the cutdown must be larger than your specific window. For example: if the exact size of your window is 54"W by 62"L, you would choose a 60"W by 72"L fabricated blind for cutdown.)

  • These blinds are designed for inside AND outside mount.

  • There is a $1.75 Handling fee per blind on all blinds.

  • All freight will be thru UPS.
    Please email us for shipping cost. We will need to know the type, quantity, address and zipcode to determine proper shipping via UPS.

  • All blinds over 96" W will be shipped by ground freight at a flat rate cost of $81.00 per shipment for any shipment weight. (strongly recommend splitting the blinds into 2 blinds vs 1 blind, please see advise on prefabricated blinds for more information)











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