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We did some investigative work and tabulated the cost of each price range for our blinds.
We compared a blind of dimensions 60"W by 60"H, with no options.
We compared all the styles and calculated the price per square ft. ($/sqft)
and the results....drum roll!


The Yellow color is designated as          $1 to 4.00 /Sqft    - $
The Green color is designated as          $4 to 6.00 /Sqft    - $$
The Blue color is designated as              $6 to 8.00 /Sqft   - $$$
The Gray color is designated as            $8 to 11.00 /Sqft   - $$$$
The Purple color is designated as           $11 and UP /Sqft   - $$$$$


To view each collection, please click on the links below:
ChinaHY is the Economy collection
Horizon Collection
FUA Collection
M&B Collection
Castec Collection
Aeroshade Collection
Hunter Douglas Collection
Kirsh/Levelor Collection


Collection Manufacturer Price Retail Shipping Comments
    Chart $/ft Free  
Economy RollUP   $1.46   Prefabricated
Economy Reed Oversized   $1.52   Custom Cut
Economy RollUP Deluxe   $1.56   Prefabricated
Economy Laguna   $1.63   Prefabricated
Economy Vinyl Matchstick   $1.90   Prefabricated
Economy Vinyl Oversized   $1.96   Custom Cut
Economy Vinyl 3/8"   $1.97   Prefabricated
Economy Vinyl 1"   $2.27   Prefabricated
Economy Vinyl Yoshi   $2.35   Prefabricated
Economy Canton   $2.72   Prefabricated
Economy Macau   $2.86   Prefabricated
Economy Bamboo Mesh   $2.92   Prefabricated
Economy Roman Deluxe   $3.02   Prefabricated
Economy Woven Matchstick   $3.33   Prefabricated
Economy Granada   $3.75   Prefabricated
Economy Willow   $3.96   Prefabricated
USA MainFine ExpressFit $4.13 X Prefabricated - 2" bamboo blinds
Thailand Thailand A $2.40   Custom Includes liner, edging
USA Aeroshade Standard A $2.92   Custom
USA Aeroshade V Standard F $3.03   Custom
Thailand Thailand B $3.28   Custom, Includes liner, edging
India India A $3.48   Custom
USA Aeroshade V Custom F $4.32   Custom
USA Aeroshade Custom A $4.46   Custom
USA Horizon A $4.76 X Custom
USA MainFine Custom $5.04 X 2" bamboo blinds
USA South Africa Napier $5.12   Custom
ChinaGD Horizon B $5.20 X Custom
ChinaMB GrandDesign A $5.20 X Custom
USA South Africa Bullrush $5.36   Custom
ChinaP M&B A $5.48 X Custom
USA Eli RollerView B $5.60   Custom
ChinaP South Africa Thoko $5.72   Custom
USA South Africa Flute $5.96   Custom
USA Horizon C $6.04 X Custom
Mexico GrandDesign B $6.56 X Custom
USA Aeroshade-Rayntite C $6.79   Custom
USA Kirsh A $6.85 X Custom
ChinaGD Horizon D $7.00 X Custom
ChinaP M&B B $7.28 X Custom
Mexico FUA A $7.57 X Custom
ChinaP Aeroshade-Stylelite B $7.66   Custom
USA Aeroshade-Deluxe D $7.66   Custom
ChinaGD GrandDesign C $7.76 X Custom
USA FUA B $7.93 X Custom
ChinaMB Prestige E $6.60 X Custom
USA Hunter Douglas A $7.20 X Custom
USA Kirsh B $0.00 X Custom
ChinaGD GrandDesign D $8.48 X Custom
Mexico M&B C $8.64 X Custom
USA Kirsh C $0.00 X Custom
Mexico Aeroshade-Temlite E $9.74   Custom
USA Kirsh D $0.00 X Custom
USA M&B D $9.88 X Custom
USA Eli Roman A $10.08   Custom
USA Hunter Douglas B $8.96 X Custom
South Africa GrandDesign E $10.48 X Custom
South Africa FUA C $10.76 X Custom
South Africa Hunter Douglas C $12.12 X Custom
South Africa FUA D $15.26 X Custom




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