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How long have we been in Business??

We have been selling bamboo products for the last 15 years. Primarily in Overseas markets and locally in Houston. We are currently exporting bamboo products to 14 countries.



How do we manage operations??

Over the years, we have developed very close relationships with different manufactures in different countries. They are  selected for their workmanship, product quality and integrity. Most importantly they are our friends and partners in business. They are professional craftsmen in their trade as we are in ours and this works well to provide quality products and service to our customers.

We continually have to place ourselves in our customers position. "If we were buying this product, what would we expect from the seller". We test all the new products ourselves first, verify that the quality control standards are in place, trust the manufacturer (very important), then consider retailing the merchandise. (New product process usually takes ~1 year.)


What is Callaloo ??

Callaloo is a east Indian dish. It's a mixture of everything. local vegetables, fish, meats etc..... (Want the Recipe?). We are a similar mixture of at least 5 countries, we bring everyone's culture into the equation. (spicy??)






Main Bamboo divider, for blinds and matchstick page, Thailand only

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